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My primary creative pursuit is in making paintings.

My paintings are devoted to depicting abandoned subjects that I have studied over the course of my lifetime: The curious, the quaint, the obsolete. Lately my focus has been on Cosmic and Apocalyptic matters. I get this mostly from being raised on Myth and Folklore, Animal and Science Encylopediae, and the Bible. Now I tend to listen to Art Bell and Art Rock while I paint.

I am influenced by art considered by the Beaux Arts crowd as merely functional or basely trivial, such as video game and animation art.

I like to play video games for occasional inspiration and entertainment, and I also enjoy The Theatre and most types of staged entertainment. I want to see a Tableau Vivant! I thrive on an eclectic family of music. I enjoy eating and drinking with friends while discussing life, the universe and nearly everything.

~Dain Quentin Gore,

September 16th, 2007

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