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Recent Showings:


January 11-14, 2007: Hyogo-Ken, Himeji-Shi, Japan.



Show at Lucky Rabbit Annex, Abbey Messmer's Gallery

c. 2004

Hypgnosis,Cathedral and The General
November-December 2004:
Group Exhibition with Randy Ashenfelter and Richard Bledsoe

A brief overview of puppet-people attempting to overthrow the antisocial antics of one Mr. Punch

Little Things...Hitting each other!, 60"x60", o/c, group diptych by Richard Bledsoe and Dain Gore

Grade "A" An Homage to Eggs
Group Exhibition, Contributed H.D. painting


 Artlink: Art Detour the 16th
(March 2004)

SHH! Gallery and Studio,
March-April, 2004


@ Mystery Gallery
March 5-7th 2004


Group Portrait/Promo Card for UnEasy show
Shh! Gallery grand re-opening

Group Exhibition,
Artlink First Fridays
November 2003


Artist List for Roswell show

Roswell 56th Anniversary Show

56th Anniversary,
Being a group exhibition of
visual and physical
interpretations of the ephemera surrounding
the vast mythos created regarding the cosmic and/or intedimensional
travellers based in a provenance of said

ArtLink: Art Detour 15th (c.2003)
Artlink Presents

Art Detour @
The Mystery Gallery

~111 West Monroe~

Mystery Gallery,
Artlink First Fridays
  December 2002-January 2003

c. 2002
Urban Guerilla Graffiti Art and Cartoon-Abstract portraiture

The Paper Heart Gallery and Studio,

Urban Guerilla Exhibition
Artlink First Fridays
October-November, 2002

First Official Art Show Post-College
@Stinkweeds presented:

  Exhibition of various and sundry works on canvas,
Being A short retrospective of paintings and other...miscellanae...

June 3rd - July 3rd, 2oo2.

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