"Dain is (a) Blind Saint. Good for him." ~Dave Hickey


The Ecstatic Truth is a term by filmmaker Werner Herzog. Ever since I heard this simple, direct explanation it has haunted me. Every story is a lie, even if it is meant to tell the truth. Herzog suggests that if we embrace the lie--make it an elegant lie--in a way, a greater truth is revealed. Both Painting and Puppetry is very much about this.

Don Quixote knew what was up when he wrecked the stage to rescue the puppet princess.


Stendhal knew this when he entered a transcendent state after seeing overwhelming paintings.


Conrad knew this when he said that marionettes were lifeless yet nearly immortal.


Therapists understand this when they use puppets. This isn't a joke, but yes, it also kind of is.


My work is hopelessly narrative now. There's no turning back from that: I must tell a story, even if I don't like it. I can always tell it again a different way later. This is just another way. I have never tried before in quite this way.



~Dain Quentin Gore